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About Us & Our Platform

I am a twenty one year old college student studying psychology. I created after losing my access to campus work.  is comprised of small businesses as well as products of my own. I do this as a means of providing an extra source of income for those that like myself are trying to make a name for themselves. When you shop with us you not only support me, but other small businesses. On their behalf as well as my own we thank you. 

Today is a great day to smile!

The essence of what makes everything purposeful is emotion. My online store and I have big dreams and we thank you for contributing to that dream. As we know dreams manifest themselves, but first you have to be willing to get rid of issues that sometimes aren't issues. Regardless, while you stopped by to look at the items my store provide, picture yourself in what you're selecting, rather picture all you would do with the items you choose. One thing for sure is when you connect with what you seek, even when you aren't looking for it, you will find something you were looking for. All that being said, if your day is not great so far, may it get better. If your life currently tastes sour, I hope it gets sweeter. If not today then tomorrow, if not then, may it be when you read this message. 

Thank you for supporting me.