LaMode and Mental Health

The phrase " La Mode." Is a french phrase translated to " the fashion." In the narration of the store. I find fashion to be more than, body and attire but also mind and body. How would one dress to impress when your soul is depressed? It is safe to admit I have my own hardships. I am not shy to say one of the best gifts I provided myself at the age of Twenty-one was a therapist. To be able to have guidance to free yourself is a luxury everyone should invest in. All that being said as we all know with the lockdowns, it's no longer as easy. This is the reason why it has been a blessing to me to invest in learning more about meditations. The art of meditation has been long practiced as a way to soothe oneself.

It is no substitute for professional help but it can be powerful when used correctly. There's no " correct " way but the hardest part is relaxing. I had trouble closing my eyes and rather than focus I hear and rewatch a funny twitter vide in my head. Youtube channels help when you are getting started. Can be a great helper for some of you. So to assist me with meditations, I have started using singing bowls. For me the vibration is calming, taunting even for my stress. In a sane way of course. Essentially the mission is very visual to anyone, I find comfort in merging mindfulness into fashion. All that said, welcome I hope you find something here to help bring yourself at ease whether it be the advice of mediation you just read or the purchase of an item. 

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